Wednesday, February 27, 2008


When I awoke this morning, I was eyeball to eyeball with Henry. He had tucked himself in among my pillows during the night. We don't like to be cold! Laurie told me that Bailey is enjoying their new bed and she also had her head on the pillow. Now all know that I am a "cat person" but Bailey is my granddog. Laurie got her new bed last week and when I saw it Sunday, I was concerned that my geriatric dog would be able to jump up. It is one of those tall beds. I told Laur that she needed to get "steps" so Bailey could get to bed. We made a trip to Petco and for $80 bought the steps. So you ask...will Bailey use them? The Steps were returned on Sunday afternoon.
So tired of the will be winter again for the nexr couple of days.
Stitch 'N Quilt called yesterday afternoon and the first quilt is ready to be picked up. I'll head over there after work. This is the quilt started in 2002 or'03. I'm on to the lining of the "good to go" bag.

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