Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gretchen will be so proud....

Yesterday afternoon when I came home from sisters, I sewed the rick rack on Peace in the Valley. This morning I got early and started working on the leaves. I have made 36 leaves to put on the border. Since I had some time before heading out to winter stitch in, I decided to start actually puttin the on. Now Gretch AKA the quintesentail questress does her applique using the needle turn method. Not going to happen to me in this lifetime! I did get about 6 leaves on the quilt top this morning!!!

Winter Stitch in-the first day... What is not to like? It took me awhile to get started. I had to ask Pat about 2 of my quilt tops. Turns out one of them is completed...go figure. The other one is the one made with the sanctuary fabric and it seems I have lost the inner border. I looked for it when I came home but it is not to be found. So mine will not have an inner border. I did get another binding made. Then I started on Friendship Crossing. The first sisters quilt. I am hoping to put a beig dent in the construction of this top when I go back on Friday.

It was a fun day and the group is cranking out tops-several were finished today. Pat was in her usual form and we did a lot lf laughing. Kathy Adams is not eligible for the KAKA award this year and she was heartbroken (not). We all ate lunch in and most went out for supper. I am really tired after working on the quilt all day but I really wish I could so some more. Don't think it will happen since I have to get ready to go to work tomorrow.

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