Saturday, February 16, 2008

daffodils??? will it be spring soon?

On the road this morning and out and about I saw daffodils..up and blooming!!! It makes my heart sing...I am tired of the cold. Don't really need more than a sweater today and that is good.
Today is chore some of the things I have put off flipflops have been riding around on the front seat of the car for a week because my toes are in badddd shape! Now they are all pretty again. So the girls says,"It's been awhile". Well yes it has.....
Stopped at Homey Depot and got a new thing for the toilet and I even figured out how to fix it. I hate playing around in toilets but I was commuting to the other bathroom (also for about a week).
Now I have to finsih the laundry and change the bed and run the vacuum. I need to work on piece in the valley too this weekend. I have 4 more rows to sew on. Laur has informed me that she will need a quilt for her new king size bed. I guess that means we will have to go shopping..pity!!!
I need to get busy before I get sidetracked to the couch!!

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